Afro Tech Talk

Bringing Tech Conversations to each & every corner
across ALL African cities.


Afro tech talk is a pan African tech talk and networking event hosting Africa’s most innovative countries, where African tech experts & participants transforming the 4th industrial revolution can meet, greet and exchange ideas on how investing in entrepreneurial frameworks can advance the tech ecosystem within & across Africa.

Tech Talks

Exchanging in a form of open dialogue among the audience with key speakers, covering various topics around the startup tech ecosystems in Africa.

 A space where people can learn and be inspired.


The gathering of interactive sessions in order to promote an environment of sharing, inspiring and building great connections.

Unlocking Opportunities

Helping Entrepreneurs gain access to untapped opportunities for their ventures and to increase inclusivity for competent innovations as to maximize growth potentials.

Upcoming Events

Below is a list of our upcoming Afro Tech Talks

Afro Tech Talk x Abidjan

Upcoming AfroTechTalk  event to be held in the city of Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. This February 20th, 2020 @ 18:30pm Afro Tech Talk Abidjan 2020 by Rod: A la découverte de écosystème tech de la Côte d’Ivoire: Défis, Enjeux et Perspectives.    
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Our Story

Tech is the future and Africa needs to be READY! 

When it comes to Africa, it is very important to master how the ecosystem works.

Around these neck of the woods, it’s a completely different ball game compared to economies in the rest of the world. Many players like to “calm” they’re doing something around the afrotech space but we are extending just “talk” into a viral Pan-African movement, by bridging gaps across the continent. 

Competent talents can be sourced anywhere. 

To maximize impact within the tech ecosystem, our mission is to bring tech conversations into under-served locations within any city corner in effort to increase accessibility so everyone can have equal access to resources and opportunities. 

What separates us from the rest, is that our events are completely free of charge, and we are not only focusing on major cities but rather in all flexible locations across Africa, in order to serve limitations or travel restrictions. For those who cannot afford to travel, We bring the Events to YOU!


Over the course of the next 10 Years we are committed to engaging Tech talks & creating networking opportunities inclusive to ALL African cities across the continent in order to bridge gaps between the entire Afro tech ecosystem.


We welcome a safe-space to; connect, share, engage and feel open to express ideas and creative perspectives.


Our Past Events

To date, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting AfroTech Talks engaging Africa’s most trailblazing Women and Youth, to unlock opportunities and harness untapped potential in under-served Cities across the Continent.


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    Catalyzing the Afro tech ecosystem
  • It was an inspiring and humbling moment for me to finally meet someone who shares my vision and who is one step ahead. Africa has so much to offer the world. And it’s our job to come home and empower our communities in order to wake this sleeping giant up!

    Gilchrist Lucas Atchaoué ~ ATTBenin
    Founder of COSED, BP100 Project Manager


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